JC Enterprises Vaulting Videos



*  Digital Videos and DVDs to assist vaulters and coaches with training

*  Digital Videos and DVDs to educate vaulters, coaches and parents about the fun and excitement of  equestrian vaulting

DVDs of Equestrian Vaulting Competitions

Individual Vaulter Regular with vaulter placement, combined judges score, vaulter name and club

Individual Vaulter Training with all judges scores displayed as the exercise is performed

Full Class DVDs with all vaulters in each class - A Team, Open Pas de Deux, Gold, Trot, Walk & more

Club Events DVDs with all performances for all vaulters in your club

Digital Videos for easy posting online and on your handheld electronic devices

Custom Digital Videos and DVDs... just about anything you might need

Equestrian Vaulting DVDs


*  Official Videographer of the American Vaulting Association

*  Capturing vaulting competitions since 2008

*  Makes a great souvenir from each vaulting competition 

*  Equestrian Vaulting Digital Videos and DVDs for training, fun and     sharing